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Blueberry Facial 

Humans get why not your client's dogs? This is the easy way to turn any grooming shop into a spa. It's not just for facials; use it as an overall body shampoo to clean and brighten any coat color—aromatherapeutic and pH balanced.


Get Into The Blue and Watch The Fur FLY®! Blue-Shed® is a performance shampoo that helps release the undercoat, wrestle mats and tangles, rid static, and reduce shedding, all while brightening the coat! This shampoo will make the coat feel silky and gorgeously soft after de-shedding with moisturizing manuka honey, antioxidant-rich blueberry extract, and strengthening argan oil

Bliss Pet Conditioner

Don't we all deserve a bit of blissful happiness? With this fantastic smelling shampoo, you're on your way to "scentsual" heaven! Softly sweet with a hint of fruity perfection

Bright Pet Shampoo

Optically intensifies the shine and depth of all coat colors, especially white. Stains seem to disappear while providing gentle cleansing that removes dirt & odors. Won't strip natural oils and leaves coat deodorized, shiny, and manageable.

Clean Pet Shampoo

One of our first shampoos that remains the best smelling, best lathering all-purpose shampoo on the market today. Easy rinsing and pH balanced. Safe and easy to use. The outstanding fragrance lingers for days

Essential Pet Shampoo

This wonderful formula starts with certified organic rosemary oil that has traditionally been used to normalize coat, stimulate circulation and encourage hair growth. Sunflower oil, rich in fatty acids such as Omega-6, combine with honey, a natural humectant, to intensely moisturize. Great for itchy, dry pups!

Grime Time

This 32 oz. jar clears coats of oil, grease, and dirt and is perfect for stud tail and ears. Leaves coat soft and shiny.

Revitalize Pet Shampoo

Invigorates circulation with a blend of peppermint & babassu oil. Babassu oil is an excellent emollient with skin moisturizing properties, and also helps restore hair's elasticity, making it soft, strong, and silky.

Warren London Coat Butter

Premium non-oily leave-in conditioner that hydrates, conditions, de-mats, and moisturizes. It will leave your pup's skin and coat feeling silky smooth without feeling greasy. • Dog Itching Skin Relief - Adds vital nutrients while moisturizing and conditioning. Helps combat dog dry skin, itchy dog skin, and dog dandruff. Works well as routine maintenance in between baths using dog shampoo, oatmeal dog shampoo, and dog shampoo for sensitive skin. • Works On All Coats & Breeds - Penetrates, conditions, and detangles the coat on long-haired dogs while softening the fur on short-haired breeds. Especially popular with Boston Terriers, French Bulldogs, Doodle, Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, German Shepard, English Bulldogs, Poodles, and more! • Easy To Apply -Put a small amount onto your hands and rub thoroughly into your pet's skin and coat. No rinse! Use routinely in between baths, grooms, and shampoo. Available scents: Guava & Mangosteen, Pomegranate & Acai and Unscented

Quench Pet Conditioner

Easy diluting, ultra-moisturizing pet conditioner formulated for bathing systems and septic systems! With Manuka Honey, Jojoba Oil, and Olive Oil, Quench Conditioner is excellent for deep conditioning, de-matting, and detangling all coat types. Now scented like our delicious Pink Sugar Pet Cologne, your customers will love how Quench Conditioner leaves their pets smelling sweet and silky smooth!

True Tearless Pet Shampoo

ShowSeason True Tearless Shampoo is gentle on skin, eyes & hair with no fragrance or dye in case of animal allergies. Mild surfactant formula. Dilutes 16:1. For Use On Dogs, Cats, Puppies & Kittens Paraben Free - Biodegradable - Non-Toxic - Cruelty Free